Membership Requirements
1. Membership to the Clan Cunningham Society is open to all persons bearing the Cunningham name, however spelled.

MacCunnegan - "K" in place of "C" - "Ki" in place of "Cu"

2.  Individuals descended from Cunningham, by birth, marriage, lineage, or adoption.

3.  Persons descended from any of the associated family names from the District of Cunninghame in Scotland as well as to loyal supporters of Clan Cunningham.
Hair/e/t / Hare
Starret/t / Stirret/t / Stirrat / Sterrit / Stirie (ey)

For details, please refer to the Associated Families page.

4.  Anyone who wishes to join together with the Clan Cunningham Society to support our purpose, and to strive together with us to discover, preserve, and share our history and traditions, are welcome to join.  "Loyal Supporters" do not need to be persons bearing the name of Cunningham (however spelled), or descended from a Cunningham by birth, lineage, marriage, or adoption. Loyal Supporters have all the privileges of membership with the exception of the privilege of serving as High Commissioner.

Membership Classifications

There are three classifications of membership

I.  Annual Family / Indivdual Membership
  • $25.00
Family memberships include the principal member, spouse, and dependent children under age eighteen.

II.  Two and Three Year Memberships
  • $48.50 for 2-years  (You save $1.50)
  • $70.00 for 3-years (You Save $5)     
Lifetime Membership
  • Life (age <30) $600 US  
  • (age 30-39) $500 US  
  • (age 40-49) $400 US   
  •  (age 50-59) $300 US  
  • (age 60+) $200 US

New and Renewing members can pay by credit card or by check.
All checks should be made out to: Clan Cunningham Society
All mailed membership forms and checks should be sent to:
Clan Cunningham Society
Attn:  National Treasurer
4575 West 111th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031-2025

International Members
Clan Cunningham Society is an international society and accepts memberships from outside the United States.  All payments must be made in US Dollars.   To check the current exchange rate, please refer to the  Universal Currency Converter.

New Members (IMPORTANT)

New Members can pay for their membership using PayPal and submit, with the click of the mouse, the completed Online Membership Application Form (see below).

New Members also have the option of printing out and mailing the Membership Application Form (filled out) to us along with a check.

PLEASE NOTE:   Don't forget to submit both the Membership Application Form and payment for your dues so that we can send out your complete New Membership Packet in the mail.

New members who join on or before July 15 will receive our January, April, and July newsletters in the mail included with their New Membership Packet, and will be current members for the remainder of the calendar year, therefore receiving the remaining October 15 newsletter for that calendar year at its normal distribution time.

New members who join on or after July 16 of a calendar year will be members for the remainder of that year as well as the entire following calendar year.  They will not receive any back issues of our quarterly newsletter, but will receive the October newsletter, if they join before October 16, at its normal distribution time as well as all four newsletters for the following calendar year.
In other words, anyone who joins the Clan Cunningham Society no matter which day of the year they join, will receive a minimum of four newsletters and a maximum of five newsletters during the year in which their membership is current. 

Print Application Form 
To Print An Application Form, click here.
If you have any troubles downloading this application form, or have any membership questions please send us an email message at
Please Note
Included in the prices below there is an additional $3.00 charge for all online payments. The Clan Cunningham Society of America Inc. uses PayPal to ensure Credit Card transactions are safe.
New membership via credit card = $28.00
(all memberships include spouse and all dependent children under the age of 18 living at home.)
Renewal current year membership via credit card = $28.00
Biannual membership for 2 years via credit card = $51.50
Triennial membership for 3 years via credit card = $73.00
Lifetime <30 membership for principal member younger than 30 and family via credit card = $603.00
Lifetime 30 membership for principal member in their 30s and family via credit card = $503.00
Lifetime 40 membership for principal member in their 40s and family via credit card = $403.00
Lifetime 50 membership for principal member in their 50s and family via credit card = $303.00
Lifetime 60+ membership for principal member 60+ years & wiser & family via credit card = $203.00
District of Cunningham Poster of Map Clan Cunningham poster for current members = $18.00
Click "View Cart" to complete your membership transaction


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Online Membership Application

Full Name:  
Date of Birth:
Street Address:  
Zip Code:
Email Address:
Spouse's Date of Birth:
Dependent Child:
Dependent Child's Date of Birth:
Dependent Child:
Dependent Child's Date of Birth:
Dependent Child:
Dependent Child's Date of Birth:
Telephone (Home):
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Membership Categories

Annual Family / Individual

One, Two and Three Year Memberships
 $25.00 for 1-year
 $48.50 for 2-years   (You save $1.50)
  $70.00 for 3-years (You Save $5)    

Lifetime Memberships

    Life (age <30) $600 US  
(age 30-39) $500 US  
(age 40-49) $400 US  
(age 50-59) $300 US   
(age 60+) $200 US      

Military History
Scottish Country Dance
Highland Dancing

Reasons For Joining CCSA:

Are you interested in serving Clan Cunningham in any way?
If so, in what capacity (hospitality tent volunteer, state officer, higher office, etc...)?

Click in the reCAPTCHA box below, then click the "Submit" button:

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