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Clan Cunningham Society Festival & Event Photo Gallery
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Southern Region

Greenville Festival, in South Carolina, May 29, 2010
With Special Honoured Guest, The Prince Edward of Great Britain
Triennial General Membership meeting May 28, 2010
Clan Cunningham Chairman, Larry Augsbury, with the Baron of Inneryne of His Royal Highness' Entourage.Fran & Ken Powers-Carolina State Commissioners, Larry Augsbury, & Director, Dr. Doris Tucker.Larry, Dr. Doris Tucker, & Inneryne at the Clan Reception Friday evening.

Friday evening began with the Clan Parade in downtown Greenville, followed by the splendid Clan Reception of fine food and refreshments. Above left, our High Commissioner meets the Baron of Inneryne traveling with The Prince Edward's Royal entourage. Above center, at the Clan Cunningham table we see Fran Powers, and Ken Powers - Carolina Commissioners, Larry Augsbury - High Commissioner, and Director - Dr. Doris Tucker. Above right, Larry, Doris, and Inneryne.

Following the Clan Reception at the Greenville Hilton, our TGM was also conveniently held at the Hilton with food and beverage refreshments available for all. Highlights included brief reports from all the pertinent administrative offices, with all questions fielded and answered. Discussion was opened to the floor which included, among others, the topics of the 2010 Grandfather Mountain, NC and Longs Peak, CO festivals; the Clan Cunningham tour of Ireland, France, and Scotland status; and Bill Cunningham - VA Commissioner, had an amusing story regarding a very pleasant visit to Finlaystone, including other anecdotes. Our Chairman adjourned the meeting at 10:45pm.

Larry Augsbury & Director, Dr. Doris Tucker pass the review stand of The Prince Edward and his Royal entourage.Larry & Ken on duty at the Cunningham hospitality tent.

Saturday morning started (above left), with an impromptu Clan Parade at the festival fairgrounds for The Prince Edward and his entourage. Clan Cunningham had two hospitality tents in Greenville where five hosts: Bill Cunningham - Virginia Commissioner set up a terrific Cunningham display, Fran Powers, and Ken Powers - Carolina's State Commissioners set up the other splendid Cunningham display, Dr. Doris Tucker - Director, and Larry Augsbury, along with other volunteers all helped man the hospitality tents throughout the day (above right).

Courtney and Kristen march in the Saturday afternoon Clan Parade.Fran, Larry & Ken keep the Cunningham place in the parade line.Michael Cunningham, member of the Celtic music band from Williamsburg, VA, Coyote Run, Dr. Tucker, & Larry.

Saturday afternoon included the typical Clan Parade with the next generation of Cunninghams represented by Kristen and Courtney (above left), carrying the banners and flags, followed by those stalwart Cunninghams (Bill, were you hiding from the camera in Greenville?!) who have maintained the honor of the Glencairn legacy in the South (above center). All our volunteers and officers had the opportunity to take in some of the unique attractions available at Celtic festivals in America. We were delighted to see Michael Cunningham (above right) of the Celtic music group, Coyote Run, performing in Greenville.

Western Region

Check back later for the Longs Peak festival in September!

Clan Cunningham Society Festival & Event Photo Gallery
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Western Region

Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park, Colorado 9-Sep-07
Longs Peak Festival Clan Champs.

Longs Peak Festival Clans Coordinator, Kent Woodward, presents the Clan Champion trophy to our High Commissioner of Clan Cunningham, Larry Augsbury. Left to right: Val and Chris Cunningham, Kent Woodward, (Lynn) Forest Cunningham, Larry Augsbury-High Commissioner, and Lynn Cunningham-Wyoming Commissioner. All the above were hospitality tent hosts throughout the weekend (except Kent of course.)

Longs Peak Festival Clan Champs.

High Commissioner, Larry Augsbury, with the Clan Champion trophy presented to Clan Cunningham on September 9, 2007 at the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival, with co-hosts Chris and Val Cunningham.


Southern Region

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina, 2005
 Tent host Fran Powers. Larry Augsbury and Matthew Schantz. Jan and Phil Cunningham with Fran Powers. 

19th Annual Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games in Arlington, 2005
 Riley Burgess readies poster for the Cunningham tent. Chris Stana and Riley Burgess with Clan Cunningham flag head for the parade. Riley Burgess, Bob Cunningham, Denise Stana Texas State Commissioner, David Stana and Chris Stana all hosted the hospitality tent. 

26th Annual Waxhaw Games in Cane Creek Park, North Carolina, 2005
 Jan and Phil Cunningham were awarded the Best Small Clan - Parade of Tartans trophy! Members Phil and Jan Cunningham host the Clan Cunningham hospitality tent. 

Western Region

1st Annual Gaelic Highland Festival in Cañon City, Colorado, 2005
 1st Annual Gaelic Highland Festival in Cañon City, Colorado. 

Check back again this summer when we will begin posting the festival photos for 2006!

For access to hundreds of more images of festivals and images of Cunningham interest in Scotland, America and from all over the world, join Clan Cunningham Society so you can access our Image Library.

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Grandfather Mountain, 2004
Ken Powers, North Carolina State Commissioner   
Members Leland and Julia Whitney Ken Powers at tent. Courtney and Ken Powers manning the tent. Ken Powers and Mac MacLachlan.
Ken and Fran Powers at tent.   
  Mac and Dawn MacLachlan. Dawn and Mac at the MacLachlan tent.
Courtney and Grandma Fran Powers, and new member Mark Powers. Mark, Ken and Courtney Powers. Tent host Fran Powers. 
Southern Maryland, 2004
Bill and Cheryll host tent at Southern Maryland Festival.   

Tartan Day Parade, 2004
William Alexander Cunningham IV, Virginia State Commissioner and William Alexander Cunningham V, Maryland State Commissioner.


High Commissioner, Larry Augsbury, accepting the award presented by the St. Andrews Society of Colorado. Clan Cunningham Society of America was awarded on August 10, the Best Clan Tent at the 40th Annual 2003 Colorado Scottish Festival & Rocky Mountain Highland Games in Highlands Ranch, CO among 54 Scottish Clans represented.

Alec and Cheryll Cunningham (and Collies)

Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland

Malcolm Cunningham
Unofficial Southern Region Mascot

Bill Cunningham, Virginia State Commissioner
Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival at Richmond Raceway Complex

Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn

CCSA member John Hendricks regularly portrays, Alexander Cunninghame, Lord Kilmaurs, 5th Earl of Glencairn at Renaissance Festivals in California. For more information, see his website,

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